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Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.

1. Discussion

In our first discussion, we will go over the entire project. We will discuss the goals for the website, the project timeline, and pricing.  Once we decide to collaborate, a simple contract and deposit must be signed and received before the design process begins.

2. Explore

I will send a variety of questions to get a sense of your business, goals, audience, and overall direction of the website. I will also ask fun questions like what color scheme you  like, and what is the overall goals you want to accomplish  for the site. 

3. Devlop

Let the building begin! Using WordPress, Squarespace or Wix,  I will take everything from the branding guideline and  wireframe and bring it all together. I will give you access to see the design and provide feedback. Once I have completed the site, we will go through and test everything, and revise it.

4. Launch

Once you are satisfied with the website, I will make it live! The final payment will be due, and you will be able to start driving traffic to your site using social media and print marketing.

1-5 Pages
$100 - $500
Great for Small Budgets, Maintenace for Current Site, Landing Pages & Portfolios. 

Maintenance: $50-$200 + hosting 



5-10 Pages
$500 - $1000
Great for Bloggers, Over-haul of Current Site, Small Businesses & Ranches 

$200-500 + hosting 


10-20 Pages
$1000 - $2000
Great for Boutiques, Online Stores,
Restaurants Included E-Commerce. 

Maintenance: customized for site + hosting 

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